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Our corporate wellness programmes help companies in the construction industry keep their workforce fit, healthy and free from preventable illness and injury.

Our aim is to help you build a happier, healthier, and more productive workforce. We do this by working with your employees on an individual basis to help them become fitter, stronger, more confident, and the best version of themselves.

GWD Performance’s unique approach delivers long-term initiatives to transform your employees’ health and wellbeing, with programmes starting from a minimum term of 90 days.

Whats Covered?


​In today’s demanding world, the pressure of juggling work and family life means many people struggle to find the time to exercise. We help make this easier for your employees. Our highly experienced coaches design and run training sessions in your office space, or in a space close by, so that everyone can get involved. Training sessions can take place before or after work, or during lunch breaks.

We hold a variety of sessions to cover all aspects of fitness and to keep participants engaged, including circuit training, strength training, aerobic exercise and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

We find that employees love stepping away from the day job and taking part in activities as a team. Our group training sessions are an opportunity for employees to socialise, develop better relationships, and boost team morale.


Training Programmes from GWD Corporate Wellness

​As well as delivering on-site training sessions, we provide participants with an exercise programme tailored to their specific goals that they can complete on their own, either at home or in the gym. Participants can access their personalised exercise programme through the GWD Performance app.

As participants become fitter and stronger, we adapt the exercise programmes to ensure they continue to get the most out of their training.


Nutritional Advice from GWD Corporate Wellness

​Most people know they need to eat healthily, but many don’t have the right information and advice to help them make better choices about what they eat. All our coaches have a background in nutrition and are able to support your employees to adopt and maintain a healthy diet.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition and we work with each individual employee to design a meal plan that will help them to meet their specific goals. We regularly update each participant’s meal plan throughout the programme based on their progress and the feedback they provide.

The meal plan can be accessed through the GWD Performance app, where participants can also find further information and advice to educate themselves on nutrition and healthy eating habits.


The GWD Performance app supports your employees to form the new habits that will transform their health and wellbeing, by providing access to everything they need all in one place.

Through the app participants can:

  • Access their personalised exercise programme and meal plan
  • Watch coaching videos and exercise demonstrations
  • Track their training progress by adding weights used and reps completed
  • Record their body measurements and add progress photos each week
  • Learn about nutrition, training, sleep, stress management and other related topics


MyZone fitness with GWD Corporate Wellness

This extra level of accountability has been a game-changer for delivering results, and we’ve found participants love being able to track their progress.

The Myzone app also acts as a social media platform for participants to connect with colleagues and training buddies. This creates further accountability and sparks a healthy level of competition that pushes people to achieve their goals.

What this means from a coaching perspective is that we can see exactly how each individual is doing and can offer direct help to those that need it. It also helps us to refine their meal plan and provide nutritional advice based on their progress and how active they are.

Fitbits and other activity trackers can also show participants how active they are outside of their training sessions, and we can create league tables within your company to encourage people to move more.


Our experienced coaches will support participants throughout the entire programme. As well as one-to-one support, we encourage all participants to join a Facebook or WhatsApp group where they can discuss their progress with their coach and others in the programme. This helps people to feel part of a community and motivates them to be accountable.

We also hold a fortnightly group coaching call to cover any issues or queries participants might have. These calls are also a chance for your employees to learn more about health and wellness from our experienced coaches.


We’ve been in your employees’ shoes. We understand what it’s like to work in the construction industry and the struggle of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a good work/life balance alongside the demands of the job. This is what we want to get across when we first meet with you and your employees.

At the start of every programme, we will come into your offices and do an initial presentation that covers everything we will be doing and why it matters. This is a great opportunity to get everyone in the right mindset ahead of starting the programme.

How your employees will benefit

How your business will benefit

Watch the video below to see how employees at Taylor Wimpey benefited from our corporate wellness programme:


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