Container gyms from GWD Corporate Wellness

Container Gyms

Considering an onsite gym? Don’t have the space?

If you answered yes to both of those questions that’s absolutely fine, there is a solution……..Container gyms!

We can bring the gym to you through the means of container gyms. If you haven’t heard of such a thing, don’t worry, we will explain all you need to know. The main thing you need to know is that these gyms open up so much more opportunity to take the health & wellbeing of your company to the next level. Take a construction site for example. We could place a container gym right on site and the amazing part is that when work is completed, the gym can be picked up and moved to the next site, it will always move with you. 

Container gyms can be fully kitted out with everything you would need for all health & fitness goals and can be changed overtime to suit.

It’s too easy to simply say, you can’t have one, there’s no way it’s possible. Now if you said that 5 years ago, we may have agreed but with having the means of getting a gym pretty much wherever it can fit (which is pretty much anywhere) there’s no more excuses. The average container will take up around 2-3 normal car parking spaces, that’s it. So, you can see straight away that this style of gym is very space effective. The excuse of not having the space for an onsite gym is kind of redundant now. 

They don’t take long to get up and running either which is another bonus as you then don’t have the added stress of making sure work is getting done properly and the likelihood of any major issues occurring is greatly reduced. Plus, there’s no issues in terms of building planning and the whole process that entails. 

A lot of the equipment can be made to an ‘all weather’ standard. Even in the worst times of winter you can sleep easy knowing it will all hold up and last. When it comes around to summer and the days get brighter and warmer, a container gym’s versatility really shows. The gym can be opened up and the outside surrounding area can be then used as more gym floor space. Some equipment can be taken outside the container, there can also be attachments to add on to the container itself. This means there can be a lot more variation with sessions and exercise selection. 

Container gyms are extremely versatile also. They can be custom built to fit an exact spec and equipped to suit anyone and everyone. If you’re thinking, 1 container seems a bit small, don’t worry. Container gyms can be made bigger by adding more containers on. Space becoming an issue again for 2 containers? That’s not a problem as you can stack the containers on top of each other. You don’t lose any room and you actually get a lot more space for your gym. Another note is that they have a very unique look to them. These gyms will be becoming very popular over the coming years.