Heola Group Case Study


GWD Corporate Wellness have worked with Heola group for the last four years. The group consists of Drywall Solutions, Jessella, Stratton & Hesler and Hesler Homes and we have witnessed all of these companies grow in tthe time we’ve worked with them. They really are a forward thinking group to work with and were the first company/comapnies to bring our Wellness programmes in to their business. 

We love working with them! As we do ALL of our clients.

We had originally worked with them remotely (using our coaching software and mobile apps), for 18 months before we installed their state of the art office gym in January 2018. This meant we gave them both home and gym workouts to follow. Plus they could also come over and use our gym in Bedford whenever they wanted. 

This worked well for that period, as their old offices didn’t have the space for an onsite gym. But as soon as they purchased their new premises, it was a great opportunity to install a purpose built on site gym for their staffs needs. 

As our corporate wellness programme had made such a good impact on their staff over the 18 months with our nutrition and training coaching, it seemed that the next logical step was to bring our GWD Corporate wellness programme on site.

The original space we had to work with for the gym

The initial proposed floor plan

The final design – minus the green track. We removed is as we felt it would have taken too much space.

Their budget for the gym installation was under £20,000 and this included the installation of specialised gym flooring and we really had to be clever with the design, taking into consideration the limited space and potential noise issues from being on the 3rd floor.

As you can see from the video, we managed to get a lot of equipment into the space. We also had to take into account that the gym is on the 3 rd floor of the building, which effected some of our choices in equipment. But there wasn’t anything that really needed compromising in our choices, other than weight.

The gym after installation 


Here’s the gym in full action from the Heloa Group Team

It’s been a real pleasure taking Heola group from very little exercise or no training whatsoever, to a fully fledged successful corporate wellness programme. To witness the improvements in their company culture has been amazing also.

We really have improved the health and wellbeing of this group and when new employees join the group, they are blown away by what benefits are on offer to them.

They are pioneers for corporate wellness in the construction industry and here’s to the next 4 years.

Gavin Denning

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